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A fine romance?

Artificial insemination may not be the most romantic experience you ever lined up for her but perhaps worth considering if a new foal is on your mare’s schedule for.

Whilst the decision to breed should never be undertaken lightly, the advantages of artificial insemination are worth remembering – last year A.I. was the preferred choice of more breeders than ever before when considering the alternatives for breeding their mares.

The convenience of not having to send mares away to a stallion in a distant part of the country (or World!) was a decisive factor for some.

Foals bred by “artificial means” are currently not admissible for registration in the Weatherby’s Stud Book. this policy is periodically reviewed and in the future may change.

In the meantime however if you are a mare owner not necessarily aspiring to breed the next Derby or National winner then A.I. may offer many advantages for you.

For dressage, eventing, show jumping, long distance…… in fact almost any other equestrian discipline that you can think of, top stallions are available for use by A.I.

In experienced hands success rates can be achieved that are as good as or even better than “natural covering” and aside from the “convenience factor” there are significant benefits to the mare in terms of reduction in risk of suffering disease or injury during breeding.

At The Stables we can offer the facilities and expertise to assist you with breeding your mare by A.I. and would be happy to hear from you with any related questions that you may have.

For further information on the ins and outs of A.I. please contact us.

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